This patent-pending design is not available anywhere else.

Each target area receives immediate consistent coverage, which greatly decreases the time it takes to saturate the area. Ideal for recently seeded and sodded lawns, as well as maintaining established turf. Minimal connecting pieces and hassle-free design virtually eliminates any need of repair. High pressure reinforced Wateringhose connector resists kinking, provides flexibility and lasts substantially longer than standard garden hoses. Flexible design is ideal for watering around flower beds and provides better mobility and convenient storage. Easy to handle, carry and store. Comes completely assembled. Simply connect to your existing water hose and begin changing your lawn to a lush, green carpet.

When you get tired of trying all the cheaper products available and the frustration they bring, then try ours. The water hose will not crimp and coil and the product stands upright without any hassle or fuss, and no bothersome stakes to deal with. The flexible design of this sprinkler system makes it easy to carry, easy to store and easy to move around your yard. Very light weight. Less than 7 lbs. Hook it up, turn it on, go inside and watch t.v. On the first commercial break, go back outside and move it to a new area. Takes seconds to relocate. Run two at the same time from different spigots for quicker results.

flexibleWhy go through the hassle of trying to drive stakes into the dry, hard ground and having to relocate them each time you need to water a new area? Our system sits on top of the grass and requires no insertion into the ground. Our sleek design is 16-1/2 feet long, easy to store and isn't an eyesore while watering your yard. The four sprinkler heads are the same high-quality heads used by professional irrigation companies. Average area of coverage is 10' wide x 20' long.

This sprinkler system absolutely works and will save you time, money and frustration. Our water bill from one summer to the next was less than half after we designed this system to water our yard.

Overall length is 16-1/2'. Weighs approximately 7 lbs. Each sprinkler system is hand-made and individually tested for performance.

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